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do you have a roof over your head? do you have food? a soft bed? exactly,you aren't depressed, stop saying you are for attention on your blog.


Mental illness doesn’t care that I have a roof over my head, food on my plate and a soft bed. Mental illness doesn’t care what I own, it doesn’t care about where I live or my income.

You’re a complete fucking ignorant idiot. You obviously know absolutely nothing about mental illness and if you did, you wouldn’t be such a heartless cunt.

Depression isn’t a fucking emotion, it’s an actual illness. It actually alters your brain chemistry. It’s something you have absolutely no control over. It’s not something that magically disappears because you have your needs met or you have a happy day.

By your logic homeless people are the only people who should ever be diagnosed with a mental illness. The truth is mental illness is most prevalent amongst the middle class.

I’ve been diagnosed with depression by three separate mental health professionals. I have depression and how dare you try to invalidate my struggles because you don’t understand something.

I talk about my mental illness on my blog because I have no where else to talk about it, so either deal or fuck off. You’re not welcome here anymore.